Get an Internship: Find a Career

To find an internship for the Fall, click HERE to Register for the upcoming InternInSanAntonio fair on Saturday, Sept 7th from 2:00 - 5:00PM at the Grantham Center at the Tri Point Y - 3233 N. St. Mary's, San Antonio, TX 78212.

Internship Stats

Did you know that a relevant internship is the #1 criteria employers look for when hiring a student or recent grad? Its more important and applicable than a student's GPA, major, or even College.
Here are some other facts you should know about internships:
*These stats are from the National Association of Colleges and Employer’s (NACE) annual survey

Internship Benefits

The greatest value of an internship is to provide you with an opportunity to experiment until you find a career that matches your skills and interests (or at least cross off the list those that don’t). Here is a great article on the Value of Internships which discusses the following benefits:
  • Developing stronger teamwork, communication, prioritization skills associated with the increase in responsibility from the experience
  • The ability to apply what you are learning or develop a new skill based on the type of work you are performing in the internship
  • Expanding your professional contacts and relationships at the company or in an industry
  • Providing you advanced knowledge about and exposure to the workplace so you can be more informed when considering and preparing for your first full-time job
Internship Stories

Finally, below are success and horror stories from your peers, so you can learn what to look for, how to get the most out of the experience, and when to walk away. Remember, an internship is an important learning experience. One important lesson you may learn is how to stand up for yourself to get what you want out of the experience if it does not go as planned.

Success Stories Horror Stories

So what can you learn from these videos and stories? Here is a summary:
  1. Start early! The earlier you start, the more experience you get which leads to better internships in your Junior and Senior year.
  2. Define your goals and expectations upfront and hold yourself and your employer accountable.
  3. Speak up. If you are not getting what you want, need, or were promised, say something and try and fix it. Employers are not mind readers.
  4. Network. One of the goals of an internship is to build your professional network. So use the internship as an opportunity to meet as many people as you can.
  5. Have multiple internships. In addition to building up your resume, seeing multiple environments, industries, and jobs will help you choose your career path.
Special thanks to student clubs and leaders serving as Promotional Organizations for the fair:
SchoolClub NameClub President/Contact
Northeast Lakeview CollegeArt ClubKarl Frey
Northeast Lakeview CollegeCareer ServicesEdgar Medina
Texas A&M University – San AntonioStudent Veterans of AmericaJoy Hutchinson
Texas State UniversityAmerican Marketing AssociationAmanda Hepner
Texas State University MBA Student AssociationLaura Quiggins
University of Texas – San AntonioAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)Manuel Lechuga
University of Texas – San AntonioHispanic Scholarship Fund- Scholar ChapterAntonio Cervantes
University of Texas – San AntonioPublic Relations Student Society of AmericaDelisi Duarte
University of Texas – San AntonioRoadrunners for Renewable Resources (RRR)Michelle Garza
University of Texas – San AntonioSociety of Women EngineersTania Hernandez
University of Texas – San AntonioStudent Association for Volunteering Efforts (SAVE)Yesenia Jaramillo